What are the advantages of roof maintenance? 

A commercial or industrial roof needs regular maintenance to keep it in its original operating condition. Benefits include:

  • Routine maintenance keeps the roof in optimal condition.
  • Maximize the value of your investment and realize the longest life for your roof system installs.
  • Ensure that any guarantee in place remains in effect.
  • Help keep your roof ready to handle weather emergencies. 

What are the disadvantages of roof maintenance?

Commercial roof maintenance only takes a roof so far. You can only maintain a roof when you have a roof that's performing well to start with.

What are the benefits of prompt repair?

A good roof may need repair to return it to its original operating condition. Benefits include:

  • Take care of problems when they occur before they become big headaches.
  • Using the right materials installed by a professional contractor ensures that a repair performs for the expected life of a roof.
  • A professional roofing contractor knows how to make repairs; your HVAC contractor doesn't.
  • Maintenance and good repairs performed by a certified contractor helps the roof do what it's supposed to do.

What are the disadvantages of roof repair?

Repairs don't extend the life of a roof, but left undone, the roof's life can be greatly reduced. Improperly applied, they can either not work or be very short term. Have a commercial roofing contractor in East Lansing, MI, properly assess your roof to see if it needs repairs or complete replacement.

What are the benefits of roof restoration?

Up to 43% of leaky low slope roofs can be restored using advanced restoration technology. Benefits include:

  • Conserves cash - saves up to half the cost of a new roof. The project can also be staged over several years for improved cash flow
  • Extends life - can add years to the life of your existing roof
  • Peace of mind - manufacturer's warranties available up to 20 years
  • Minimal disruption - installs significantly faster and with considerably less mess than a conventional new roof
  • Financial flexibility - can often be capitalized or expensed (ask your tax advisor)
  • Can write off the entire cost of restoration in year 1 as a maintenance item

What are the disadvantages of roof restoration?

You are limited by the condition of your existing roof. The roof must be in moderately good condition. Contact a commercial roofing contractor in Eaton Rapids, MI, for a proper assessment.

What are the advantages of roof replacement?

Some roofs have reached the point where repair or restoration is no longer possible, making replacement the only viable option. Benefits include:

  • Best long-term option - systems often last up to 20 years or more
  • Peace of Mind - manufacturer's warranties available up to 30 years
  • Fewer installation worries - large pool of experienced applicators available
  • Can write off the entire cost of replacement in first year under new tax laws (consult your accountant or tax adviser for details)

What are the disadvantages of roof replacement?

  • Highest investment - can be much more costly than roof restoration
  • Longest installation time
  • Moderate to severe disruption and hassle for occupants


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